21 Apr 2015

Daily Report

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April 19, 2015

Music Torture

I have to endure the most severe noise tonight torture for many years. Since 2009, she was not as aggressive.
The neighbors have about three hours open on a Sunday evening, the music on full volume and still the door. There are gypsies who live on the ground floor and have the key to the restaurant owned by the owners of the house. The perpetrators, they can open the door for me to see that they have full power over all, because the music blaring so loud that the whole neighborhood can hear them. But since no one, as every time since 2006, complains, I know that they hide the neighbor's music in the brain, so I'm the only one who can hear. I would call the police, the music would be out when they arrived. So it has been several times. It would then be denied ever having had music, so I'll represented as crazy.

Here I have uploaded the video:

https://vimeo.com/125395070 and

The reason for this severe noise torture is that I once again heard Corsican music after a very long time. Since I'm doing in memories and frequencies want to take the psychopaths me, the brains of these people were controlled to turn this heavy and aggressive torture.

Since heavy mind control is applied: The neighbors are not suggestive manipulated that could be the culprit, too, but I think it is here again so that people do not know they have the music at all - more information under noise torture.

How many of the German people concerned have understood? I think I'm the only one, because they all require that their neighbors will be paid by the perpetrators to do that. This is nonsense !!! They did not understand that several thousand victims are tortured in the same way. These are controlled by satellite-based MC-technology people who have done this to us.

The sadistic execution on denying medical care

At Easter I have want to pierce the calcified canal open my molars in the mandible with a needle to treat the infection in the bone better. I do not disinfected needle, was brain-rigged, I did it, did it anyway. I thought to myself that I could disinfect again with colloidal silver when something happens, but that was really powerful wrong. I must have hit the bone during insertion of the needle into the second channel and there will spark ignition. In the night I woke up with insane pain - I could not even touch the tooth because I was in pain almost jumped at the ceiling. I could not even brush your teeth without pain and much less stuff, the cotton wool in the hollowed-out tooth. I lay throughout the Easter holidays with pain in bed and tried to sleep as much as possible to reduce the pain not to have to endure. Quick then hurt my nerves in the left half of the face and moved the next day down to the neck. The skin has of the left eyebrow up to the left subclavian discomfort.
The pain then moved up to the left and back of the head. I really got to do it with fear.
I treated 4 times daily with 125 ml of colloidal silver and massaging the gums with essential basil oil a - basil essential oil is a very strong antibiotic.
I would urgently had to go to the dentist, let me also sick leave, but I got neither induces that they would not help me and that was also in the past - for further information, read under denial of medical assistance Part 2.

I then did the only right and led me c. Silver into the nostrils. What came as a mass of mucus out was unbelievable. Two hours later, the discomfort was significantly reduced. Today I can ruminate on the tooth, but the discomfort and stitches in the left half of the face are still present.

Unfortunately, attacks the c. Silver in a high concentration and a high amount of the gastric mucous membranes and charged my kidney and the liver.
I got severe nausea and stomach pain and had to sell it. Now it has deteriorated again since yesterday and the pain became stronger.

Computer sabotage all day

Cancel and deceleration of the Internet and blocking of websites so I can publish anything.

Noise from neighbors and surroundings

Severe aggression exposed by my neighbors below me. You must use a wooden beam or similar push directly against the ceiling and precisely under my seat. This sadistic tortures were done to me for 4 years in my apartment in NRW. One day, I could see that the garage has been open under me and there were wooden beams. The garage was not finished, it belonged to the son of the landlady, who had moved out.
It was so every day someone neighbors are put under hypnosis and there perform the perverse highly aggressive actions. I saw several times one of the neighbors, as he came from there and crept into the stairwell back through the door.
Several times a day they hit the doors to so loud that the floor vibrated beneath me. There is here an old building and since everything is bad in isolation, as in a new building.
In these attacks I feel the aggression psychopaths still much stronger than when I head or muscle pain can be triggered. It is somehow closer and more threatening, especially since there are 4 men that could be put under hypnosis, the door to occur here, to me then to do something.
I need to get out of here. There is another possibility, which I have before yesterday found on the internet but have not called yet. I always have to first find out whether there rooms are available, or they lie to me.
Lie is not the right word, because they are so immediately tracked by satellite when I dial the number and then activated and put into hypnosis and then mutate into a psychopath who's lying to me, to hurt me.

At 9 clock this morning went on to a machine with a neighbor - for 45 minutes he made a hell of a noise.

The money for my rent has not been paid. Last time it took only 5 days until it was on my account, and this time it's not been in the account on Friday. Understood here but me no what the psychopath can do with us all? Therefore, it also benefits anything to any organizations to send letters. The reads and nobody answer letters has not even written by the sender, but get dictated under hypnosis phrases that induces the psychopath computer of the person concerned, under hypnosis.

Whenever I try to internally limits most violent against these psychopaths from, I get induces violent Verliebtheits frequencies and subliminal to the turn to them. Several been, who programmed this computer and I, after I saw the film about Josef Mengele Spiegel TV - video about Josef Mengele
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3erlYK5gIY, understood that he may have been involved not based on the programming of the satellite Monarch Pprogramms. He knew nothing of it, because otherwise he would have known that he would have been safe, for his psychopathic colleagues had prevented their technology, that would be looking for him - they can by it from the consciousness of people . Delete When they are just able to irradiate the crowds, I do not know, but certainly at least 20 years.
It is they have been one hundred percent that triggered him the stroke, so he drowns, because he was doing better, because he was an old-Nazi couple met, with whom he had befriended. They come in the film also to speak. What Insane !!!
You could have also trigger a leg cramp, but it might have been too clumsy and obvious. Mengele kept a diary and it was apparent that he was depressed and longed to return to Germany, but he knew that it would have taken him there.
My conclusion is clear that he has not written this destruction program, but that it must have been psychopaths who have worked at the CIA and was probably also involved in the Monarch project.
But the fact is that none of them can be alive longer. When they were 30 years old at that time to around 1950, they would have to be 95 years old today.
The killing is still continuing and millions of people are besendet daily through them and prevented their growth. Many will simply murdered, as I have already written it.

On all human beings of this planet they induce frequencies since probably 25 years at frequencies of indifference, depression frequencies - caution, which may be so weak that you can not even notice it. Depression in different intensities. Only the severe depression you will not have to go unnoticed. I am a star witness will circumcised by the worst psychopaths for 45 years, raped and my personality is extinguished increasingly fully conscious.

I know that there are not many intelligent people there, but I hope so much that my testimony be read by intelligent people and they finally get into the right hands of people who are active in the highest journalistic circles. Only they will be able to set us free.

Misses Grazina Fosar, Mr. Bludorf

We need your help!
Why do you report in your books not from my story? There are numerous other stakeholders who are experiencing the same thing as I had. They gave us physically tortured at a very early age to make us low-waving to us hats to destroy us. I'm just unfortunately the only victims in Germany, puts her story in the internet. Other victims who have been connected in adulthood, also experience the "Endgame", but have been released previously and have lived without 24-hour torture. You have not so easy to see through it here, what's going on.
Do not you think that something will happen faster? Do not you think that you are probably driven since you do not have in mind?

Fallen into a fatal trap of the perpetrators

Had Jobcentre date. He tells of the torture, he allegedly knew nothing and after half an hour, he showed me his screen. There, the clerk had noted in Traunstein: Woman Jaccard feels are at least controlled. What do you mean Feels Mind controlled? !!

The new current performer in the place where I now live for 5 weeks did not want to photocopy the expertise to put them on the file. His eyes were perfectly round and deep empty. What does this mean to me now is unfortunately clear. Nobody is allowed to be conscious and therefore I get no help. He had to lead me astray and proposed that I should go to a psychologist on duty and tell him my situation. If this would then write down that I could no longer work for psychological reasons, that would be enough for retirement. The problem is that in this torture no help comes, but is increasingly damaged and destroyed - that is the goal of highly sadistic psychopaths. Then he had me sign an integration agreement and again as I have this signed under mind control and strong microwave irradiation on my brain, his eyes sparkled satanic.
Then he shook my hand and wished me "Happy" with schadenfreudigem undertone. "Happy" is them always induced when the perpetrators have managed that could put me purely my opponent. Of course, these people do not know what they are doing, otherwise they would not do it.
My father also has the wrong medication by oncologists get - see diary from January 2015th

I was able to experience how he has been harassed by the sisters (home visits) and his friend, exactly in the same way as it is done with me in January.

March 29, 2015

They really do exist, the psychopaths who in 1969 stated publicly what they wanted to do with the world's population and all they had predicted, has arrived. At the bottom of the page is an interview in English with one of the psychopaths.

March 28, 2015

Video Monarch Mind Control

These are the perpetrators, which we are all delivered, even if their Mind Control prevents you from understanding it.

I'm at their mercy since my infancy and you? !!!!

When I saw the beginning of the first video, at Minute 0,41, a reminder was immediately released me in my brain, which I could not remember so far: When I was a child, we constantly got gifts of dead butterflies paid in covered glass photo frame. I thought it was cruel, but the rest of my family was just excited just at the sight of beautiful butterflies. Again and again my mother asked me with a satanic undertone: "Britta, don't you like these butterflies?“ And then, in a disappointed voice, "No? Why not?"

My mother called me again and again: "Püppi" ( the german word for doll is Puppe and Püppi is just a transformation of the word Puppe). Why that? Because I was controlled by the Satanic Psychopaths to become a doll, but so easy it seems not have been, so I was tortured physically much stronger than my family, predominantly through control of my brother.

Silencing the Lambs ... With Mind Control - MK Butterfly Monarch Programming

Illuminati Stars Befor and After

March 27, 2015

400 000 People did psychopath Mengele murder in Auschwitz within 19 months! - a film by Spiegel TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3erlYK5gIY (German)

March 26, 2015

My aim to lead these websites is to clarify the perpetrators identity and origin of country, because only together we can stop them, but it is very difficult because they protect themselves by implanting nonsense in the
brains of their victims for the purpose of creating confusion and delusion.

Today I made the shocking discovery of another victim – shocking because here again psychopaths delusion is accepted as truth and published.
Then there on her Facebook page this disturbing picture of her where I immediately wondered, "What has she that she is connected to the same execution type program, as I do? The dress and pose do not speak for a high level of awareness and a good self-observation, which is both a lack of intelligence.
I am a woman, but the signal that it sends out, comes to me too.

There are several types of intelligence and many people just missing components thereof.

The point is to clarify other stakeholders on. All of us is induced trash but we must see through this and not publish as possible.
I got also induced delusion, namely, that Sogyal Rinpoche and the Dalai Lama are the perpetrators. On the contrary - they are victims themselves. Then other victims published it on scribd and still not deleted it even though I deleted this madness over 2 years ago on my web pages, but since then they seem not have not visited my website again. Please remove this on Scribd!
The perpetrators are happy when they bring us to lead others astray.

An excerpt from their website:


This book is based on a true story.

My name is Simone Schilling, I'm 34 years old and this book tells my story. The story of a spy began in 2006 and continues today. This espionage by means of a mind control conducted technology, referred to as "non-lethal weapon" and conducted under the US Army acronym "V-2-K". Mind control mind control and mind control means. This is made possible in my case via an implanted in the right upper arm rice grain-sized microchip that is attached to the central nervous system and its carrier makes a "transparent people" as you about this, both the idea and the spoken word (the victim and the environment) can listen to and "chipped" with the people communicate by thought.

This book is based on the information I have received in this way by the perpetrators.

The methods of operation, the spy worldwide for years and leaders, government officials, security clearance and living on Earth Aliens in this way and are thus came into the possession of very secret information and other technologies and opportunities can be only one conclusion: we are in a "silent war" against the leading authorities in the world, government institutions such as the police, intelligence services and military, members of secret societies, people with special skills or equivalent knowledge (eg people with paranormal abilities, Mage, authors, scientists) and many other is led and goes now because of the existing connections from governments and the so-called Etablishment's to extraterrestrial intelligence far beyond the borders of this dimension and this planet .... "



The Stasi delusion

For example, The author of the website http://krokusimsptsommer.blogspot.de/ succumbs years the delusion that the Stasi was responsible for the evils of their NEIGHBOURS AND ENVIRONMENT. Noone can help her to see through it. You will either wake up yourself or not. Too bad for all of us that she writes this crap shit. The Stasi no longer exists since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Most of the Stasi psychopaths were taken over by the CIA and a few went to the BND. What is clear is that those then abused the technologies of the BND and the military in order to continue to torture their victims they have already tormented in the GDR by their MC technologies.
The German Secret Service does not have satellite-based mind control technologies and when they do experience what I also describe, namely the neighborhood terror, terror outdoors by hundreds of people every day, glare from headlights, drivers who greet a beckoning and nice, take priority, doctors who simply send away without no drugs, dentists who do not treat etc., then you should still be able to understand that we have the same offender, the same handwriting, after always the same ritual over the world torture their victims sadistic over years, decades and even from infancy to death.

Instead, Ms. Wunderlich, the author of www.mindcontrol-opfer.de website, writes all the time that she and this author have the same perpetrator. Strange, but a few months ago she wrote to me that she had much understood through my website and then again that their doctors are hypnotized and her partner is controlled. At the same time she claims she would not have the same perpetrators, as I do, but as the author of the aforementioned website.
The perpetrators are squishing her mind. She is also, and like everyone else, primarily connected in the former GDR, connected to the supercomputer and victims of Mengele / CIA trauma-based mind control.

That is to provoke me, I know. The inability to see through that, and the helplessness that I am exposed to, because these people are under the delusion and cannot get out and that makes me considering the fact that I'm addicted to all of them aggressive. We can only, thousands of people that say the same thing and rename the truth, bring the perpetrators to prison.

For 4 years I write the truth, but it is not to be understood, and the clock is ticking off for me, because my body is not healthy but sicker, the Mentizid (extinction of personality) proceeds with great strides and my head is getting stronger irradiated.

From the ignorant to be dependent, is hell. To be at the mercy of their stupidity, is an intolerable suffering.

The worst thing is that they do not know how stupid they are. Below I suffer even more. For example, some believe really they would love their animals, even they let them delivered to the torture. They must die under their eyes. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with love.
I would have brought my animals imediately to safety, inserted to friends, family or to the shelter, although this is not ideal. But I know that the animals suffer. They are much more helpless than we are.
To let subjected to this torture, where they can not protect themselves, can not run away, stay true to you because it is in their nature and can not understand, like us, is the absence of empathy and responsibility AND this is the opposite of love.
But they can not see it because they can not.

March 25, 2015

I do not know who is the author of this website, but the person seems to have understood a lot, unlike the vast majority of German victims. Here is an excerpt of her/his website:

Since this technique is mainly used by satellite, virtually every German citizen also be a victim of the US, as it is also the case for me!

So she had understood that only the US possess satellite-based mind control technologies .

French, Spanish, Italian and many more victims understand that they (Psychotron weapons) are tortured by satellite-based Energy and Mind Control Weapons - strangely, only the Germans do not want to understand.

Nevertheless, there are still many who can not understand that the perpetrators induce hypnosis in the brain of our fellow human beings via satellite so that they constantly lie to us, refuse help that we deserve (doctors, dentists). The Gangstalking-delusion syndrome has yet found no end!
I know that they are brain-rigged not to understand it, but I was also manipulated and I can understand it anyway.
And I thought for a long time that only people with intelligence be connected to the execution of the program, but apparently it is not so.

If you can see how few victims sign the petitions, then you can just puke. I'll tortured to death and these idiots do not even sign the petitions, although they have the same experience as I do.
What are they actually tortured to death? What is it about them?
What do they move? Nothing at all. They do not create websites, do not sign petitions, can still work, do not help, although I do the work for them all. They are just lamenting to themselves and ask yet on their website to donate for themselves, although they may still work. Then die! The only pity is that we are all in the same boat and I will go down with you.
They are cowards, weaklings. There's nothing else to say.

Psychopaths they may not even realize. Adolf Hitler was a psychopath and had evident behavioral problems. Every healthy person could see that something serious is wrong with him except for his sick slogans, Jews are a race impure and therefore one must collect and destroy them all. Her parents and grandparents can not perceive him as a psychopath and even worshiped him. What an insane lack of intelligence – no presence of intuition and discernment.

Sogyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist masters from Tibet, traveling around the world, once said in one of his teachings: "The Germans would rather be fed with a spoon instead of themselves to work on their situation to change. French are different". 
Having lived in France, I can confirm it. If they do not like states, which induces the government, then they go to the streets and protest - more than any other nation. The Germans let themselves be enslaved and they complain about in silence, but they want nothing to do.

Hitler quite a lot of documentation is still shown, but about the significantly more severe psychopath Dr. Josef Mengele nothing is shown on TV.
He has operated on twins without anesthesia, sewed them together for fun and there are photos and witness accounts etc.
Mengele rewarded the captive children, if they let themselves be manipulated. The children who could be manipulated badly and made more resistance, were murdered alive through skin or burning in the sand.

March 23, 2015

I wrote a new post: Dr. Josef Mengele.
This post should definitely be read by all concerned, so that they understand who the perpetrators are and who we do if we want to survive. Here it goes precious time to die in the sacrifice and nothing is done.
Hundreds of thousands of layers of aluminum foil will not save us from their weapons. They manipulate our fellow human beings, not to help us and worse, to destroy us, without that they know it all. And this is even more relevant.

March 22, 2015

I have published a new post: Deceased victims. Therein comments and e-mails the victim of Psychotronfolter Jürgen Wiebe from Aachen to read.

March 12, 2015

I rented a room on March 5 in a boarding house and booked for a month because I had been added a letter to the room where I was aufgefordet to leave the hotel until 6 March. The common thread here should be seen by everyone.
The psychopaths have any of my fellow human beings and the total power over me, of course. So everything is changed psychopathic, sabotaged, manipulated, organized - the total power and control over each victim they have and it is just something happen if all stakeholders understand quickly that they have the same perpetrator. You have to understand that technology is perfect and that there is no escape, because there is no antidote. Even if there will be something that will protect us on our brain from their grasp, our fellow human beings have no protection and are further manipulated us to refuse help to give us false information, and humiliate, threaten us because they unfortunately offset by the technology in hypnosis and thus to be controlled body wraps are met by the psychopath with life. In front of me is not Mr. or Ms. xy xy, but put into hypnosis, which is lent to the body shell.
Rauni Kilde Dr. had spoken in a lecture on: "They use silent hypnosis". It was a lecture which she had held in Switzerland. It is on "you tube", but I do not remember which it was.

Torture supported by satellite mind control weapons of the United States

Several cars in a row, the need to dazzle me with high beam, even on roads in the city, where it's prohibited. No man for several weeks seems to be able to see the outside of me, every day. Sometimes only one and then the next to again. I drive "only" bike, not the car, otherwise I would bring in great danger, because then I can hardly see. Drive on the pavement and valley views, because the high beams pain in my eyes.

The nerve pain, or nerve irritation have grown stronger over the past three days. They are mainly in the upper right thigh, on the right upper arm, in the ears, neck and above the ears into the temple area. This is done always in sync with the car driven motors that are so loud that it would have to hear himself a strong hard of hearing, but it reacts nobody on, no matter where I am. There are simultaneously driven by their technology hundreds of people to se can not hear the noise. How can I se pleasure and torture without witnesses to death. These pains are now so painful that I can not bear it almost - I cringe and want to scream, but I can not stand. This torture I have endured without interruption for 24 hours. Who I'm out, I hear the noise of course stronger than when I'm in the house.
If I suffer, like now, as I write it, then people are silent, speak softly, as soon as I'm aware the back and go over to a neutral stance, they begin to cough again, rustling with bags or leaves. The coughing and throat clearing has the same tone to each individual. So who continues to write here that all these people have been contacted by the perpetrators to do this or even even the perpetrators were, who they really not all.

If someone coughs or clears his throat, tone is set down in the neck and my nerve endings there are also irritated by the ears, while synchronously induced to a negative feeling.

Other Affected

At Christian Welp:

I recently since a long time an email from Mr Horst Kümmer obtained, which has been addressed to some stakeholders and to me. So I could read what you have written. I was very glad to have experienced the fact that you are still alive, for I had long read anything more from you and thought you were no longer alive. Everything you enumerated here is what I experience. You are connected to the same computer, as all parties concerned and therefore have the same perpetrator. We are the victims of high-sadistic mass murderer Dr. Josef Mengele, because he wrote the program with significantly.
Read about Monarch Mind Control, a subroutine of MK-Ultra CIA psychopaths of the 50s.

An affected or interested parties from the city Varel

Over a period of more than a year ago, visited a / s visitors / out of town in Varel almost every day my site and read my diary.
For several weeks, no more. I hope she / he has not zwangspsychiatrisiert or murdered.

Monarch destruction - the infant victims

In the book by Fritz Spring Meier is to read that, according to the former Iluminaten Cisco Wheeler also 40000 infants world have been widely connected to your computer, then during the Monarch project to their Monarch programming - it should be said, Monarch destruction, because it is about nothing more than to destroy - to be subjected.
Unfortunately, I have the link to that book which is read on the internet is not available. It's been about 2-3 months that I've read about.


The perpetrators have let my MP3 player disappear. It was over a hundred Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Hemi Sync pieces to it. This is a very serious loss, because without these frequencies, it is much worse to me.

March 3, 2015

On Friday evening I found a resignation letter before my room door. I shall be thrown back on the road. The social worker Mrs. Meier would not talk to me that she had read my website and slammed the door for me in my face now. She had made a photocopy of the expertise of Franz Bludorf and said she knew the subject had even written a work while studying it. Last night I wanted to hit at 23:20 back to the hotel, there came at the same time at a slow pace and a police car parked directly 20 meters from the house. Both policemen fixed on me as I approached. I went off course immediately, otherwise they would probably overwhelmed me - all under hypnosis. You do not know me, do not know what I look like and do not have anything against me in the hand. I had to go through the icy cold with the bike until I went back and again at 00:40 am slowly filled with fear crept up and lay down immediately. At 5:30 I went quick shower and disappeared at 7:15 clock. Today I submitted my application to the Office. The social worker lied to me, because she said that she had signed up on the 18th at the job center, but that was not true. I was not known to them only through my face meeting on 20 February 2015 to which I drove there, even though they told me I had to go along with the social worker out. Here it is clear (of course, not only here) that the perpetrators each contact person Brain manipulate, regardless of whether they are chipped, or not, and that only works on satellite-based technologies, because it is done all over the world with me.

Here every man can witness a sadistic destruction, just understand why the other affected people still do not? They still live in their delusion that everyone here that harms us or coughs, morbid grins, lying in wait for us, etc., an offender is.

February 27, 2015

Chase - Manhunt

I spend the day before yesterday outside all day, go until midnight in the property back (It is very cold here and especially at night) and get up at 5:30 on to shower, watch your step 8 out of the house, so that I have the roommates do not have to deal with, so they can not be controlled again to call the police to slander me, I was mistaken and dangerous and would attack their children. Something in the sense they must indeed have told so that they have the police brought together with emergency accommodation in the social workers.

I am extremely tired and exhausted.

Videos - evidence

Today I added two videos, but could only upload this because the other has too much MBs. It is again one of my fellow man, which is made by the offender technology tools and hypnotized me with his cell phone records, as I myself added under hypnosis, probably had to attack the old lady with whom I have talked. Please read the text above, which is under the video and pass it to all other affected so that they'll finally understand the technology.

Someone may please save these videos, in the event that the web site will be deleted from the perpetrators and I have been zwangspsychiatrisiert and they need as proof so that a lawyer can bring me back out there. I consider myself the time in Burghausen, Upper Bavaria, on and here there is a psychiatry.

But since I know that currently sit three victims in Germany since 1-2 years in psychiatry and nobody gets them out there, there will not be any different for me so sad that is.

February 25, 2015

Practical attempt to put me into psychiatry by the police

History of the last 14 days until noon today:

After I had to NRW from Bavaria back to my apartment to solve that I had quit because I had rented in Bavaria by the concerned woman Bittner an apartment, I knew not whither, for she had me so in my absence my Apartment terminated immediately and I was now homeless. So I went to my uncle who lives in the same city. There, I've just angeschellt and told. It was immediately clear that I could stay a few days there. My uncle was already after a few days controlled by the same kind and always threatened violence against me after he yelled at me a few times aggressive. Again and again I tried to appease, but he had to attack me again and threaten me finally, if I did not pack my things by himself, he would throw me on the street, but he clenched his fist had. Will try to upload it is always spoken the same sentence literally, that I may know that they are controlled, because I have seen it for a long time now, I then will give even more to feel the power and violence of psychopaths. The eyes have always the same empty and wide expression using facial expressions looks aggressive, because everything can be controlled yes. Man is but unconscious, and therefore, the eyes have a different expression.
My aunt was there and I asked her to go with me to my other aunt who knows me since my birth and my godmother is. I have been very kind and always wished she was my mother.
When we got there, I did not want to let in her husband, and his eyes were wide and empty. Then my aunt came to the door and invited us in. She was very cool to me and so I did not know it. She sounded completely indifferent to history. I asked her to go with me to my mother, who lived nearby. She did this and parked in front of the house. We rang, but no one opened. I went to the kitchen window to see if they were in the kitchen, I noticed that the kitchen door was open. I thought that they just should not hear the bell and we drove away again because my aunt said that she could not keep a nap. When we were there again 15 minutes later, I saw that the kitchen door was now closed. So you were at home and I should understand the fact that my mother is in her hands and should no longer be accessible to me.

We drove back to my uncle and spoke with my aunt. Then she encouraged me to call at Caritas in to, and ask where to find accommodation. But I got there no one left and then called in a women's shelter. The first two allegedly had no place, but the third said to me and so I drove my aunt there. There, I told him what had happened in Bavaria, and they helped me find a property in a women's shelter in Bavaria. Again, I was promised no capacity for some, the social worker was always induced a morbid grin, but in the end they told me a place in one place, to which, however, is situated from my previous city 2 hours away. On the day of my departure, I had a special price ticket bought by German railway for a night train online, I asked the social workers at 12 NOON clock already to leave the house. It WAS VERY COLD AND with my luggage I could not alone to the station. Besides, I knew they were restored under hypnosis and have not spoken itself, because it can not be real, that always all people equally disturbed behavior and hostile seelig and short in so timing. Nevertheless I packed my things and wanted to again with the bike in the city to print my online-ticket, because the social worker refused me to print out.
When I was on my way to the basement, there were two social workers and the third came about - they locked me the way to and told me to go now. I told them that I only wanted again to the city, to print out the ticket, no, I must go now. Then I wanted to again upward, as I unlocked the a back way off. Then they said they would call the police if I did not go. I went upstairs and grabbed my things. Below, they were then and tried to talk to them, that I do as you can see, can not come alone to the train station with luggage. I had my bike, a suitcase, a large backpack and a small backpack. They said I would make problems that women would have screamed and therefore I must go now, also it was not their problem, I would now have a new home in Bavaria and must go now. Both had his eyes wide and empty.
I called my aunt and asked her to come, she does not live far away. She brought with her nephew and then went away again after a few minutes, because she had to bring him back, he had his car there. I asked them to come back and they did so after some hesitation. We drove to a snack and they brought me at 8 clock back to the station. There I went to Duisburg and from there I took the night train.

Here again the same game Satan has been used: Residents with their children must make a hell of a noise, the children play a meter away from my room and activated, yelling and stomping back and forth to run without ceasing. A mother must daily, while the other two are not there for hours under hypnosis, up to three hours to do almost without interruption as they would call. Likewise, it was done with the woman in the previous property. It was clear to me that she could not be conscious that they spoke for hours.

Today at noon there was a knock on my door and it was a social worker. She said she wanted to talk to me. of course I immediately knew what was coming and still went to the door while I chronicled the conversation. She said in the same position and the same kind, as so many people before: Woman Jaccard, I must ask you now to go. I immediately went to my room and locked the door. I knew she would drag me out by force otherwise. A few minutes later there was another knock, and it was the police. A police officer said to me he wanted to talk to me. I recorded the conversation and I will upload the same on my rays torture Blogspot page.

2nd of February, 2014

They want to send me into Psychiatry

It is tried again with the help of neighbors to point me in the psychiatry .
The spider's web is drawn the same everywhere , in every home , no matter what neighbors - see noise terror by neighbors and environment.
A few days ago I should go to the kitchen window and see my neighbor next door , climbed to his mother, who is the owner of the house into the car and doing a triumphant look precisely threw in my eyes - just as his mother. They talked in the car about 10 minutes , then I got through synthetic telepathy transmit the message that they were talking because of me .
Today I then got a letter from the social psychiatric service is available in the following:

Dear Ms. Jaccard ,
I invite you in accordance with § 8 Psych Kg to a discussion of conversation in our own affair on Tuesday 11 February 2014 at 11 am in the area of ​​health care , room ... , ... a road .
Faslls you are unable to attend this event , please send me a short telephone notification .
Sincerely yours
Misses .....

Words fail me, but unfortunately that is the program that I am delivered from my childhood and in that I have been chipped 29 years ago, I can on this planet earth find no protection from their grasp.
The neighbors will have been used again, presumably all to slander me by clerk's office, or against the Lessor.
If there is a health minimally better, or evades their power by fighting back against them, you are right again in danger of being zwangspsychiatrisiert.
I need the help of people who know about this technology decision.
The will bring me into it and you somehow I get constantly transfers that they make it and that I'll never get there back out.
If I'm locked up there, I'm going to die, because doctors are so manipulated to deny that I have a deep vein thrombosis and that I have an advanced heart failure - everything is always denied.
I couldn t buy me no more Nattokinase what I need because of my deep vein thrombosis and waht I have been taking for several months - it is a herbal heparin. Also, they would deny me safe to continue to take Strophantin for ma heart.
I get so massively irradiated to my temporal lobe, that I can hardly think.
I would have to die there and would be there still so massively tortured and humiliated.
They enable our fellow human beings in hypnosis, from one second to the next and so they become robots who do not know what they are doing - they look like people, but are no more.
Very many sufferers have not still understood, although there are significant sources to the Internet. They still believe their neighbors are all just angry or jaded or paid by the perpetrators. A horrendous nonsense!
If they bring doctors to lie to me and to send me without medication away, or treatment or further investigation, you will understand at some point that they obviously can not be perceived and so understands that puts them in full and part-hypnosis are, like me every day and almost every night when I have repeatedly cut the same wounds and they are so deep that they even begin to throb. Last night I had to cut already existing cuts and add a new one again in 2.
I urgently need consultative help, what I can do and it would have to be people who can offer me a refuge, because I do not know where to go.
You can reach me at my e-mail address bl.jaccard @ ymail.com if they are not deleted me or to my postal address indicated on About me.
Thank you!!

28 January 2014

State of health

On 15 I again get a new prescription for Strophantinkapseln after I had almost 4 weeks, no more, and the drops and finally had to take the seeds of January.
I immediately took the usual dose of 4 capsules and as I got worse air again for several days, especially when lying down, I have "furosemide" (diuretic) increased to 2 tablets. After 3 days I got significantly better air. However, I was already on the same day symptoms such as muscle weakness with pain in the legs and arms. I thought the capsules were this time placebo. Because they are produced in a pharmacy, I was sure that the person had been driven, to fill it for me only with filler without ouabain.
The next day I felt even worse - I increased the dose to twice and noticed no difference. Now it was very clear that I was right with my assumption.
So I took back the seeds, but this I can tolerate not know because I have stomach ulcers - they are very sharp and irritate the lining very much. So again I had constantly nausea and after a few days, last Thursday, I had to vomit again. I understood, in the meantime, that I had been brainmanipulated all these months pass, exactly the opposite of what the package insert, is to understand, namely, that it is a potassium saving diuretic, but they are wrong. So I have no potassium in addition taken and by the double intake I had now clearly suffering from potassium deficiency, because this causes muscle weakness. I quickly got myself potassium in the pharmacy and the next day it went a little better. But I thought I should also take magnesium - in fact, it happened to me again much better, but the pain and muscle weakness are still present, much lower, but still strong.
I immediately fell again to a furosemide tablet daily, which I could suddenly be significantly less water. This morning it was very extreme schlimmm: It just arrived in the morning and drops after drinking a whole glass of water, also came only drops. I got scared and called the doctor who prescribes me for 2 years Strophantin. He said that the kidneys have become accustomed to and would now become lazy, I need to buy juniper berry extract from the pharmacy. No, I said I had no money - knew it would not be the right one. He said he had to consider which he prescribes me and would send me the recipe.
I'm dying to go to the dentist because my facial and dental pain have become stronger, still not treated. My heart is inflamed, which is transmitted to me every day. The computer reads not only my brain but can see in my body.

Cognitive losses

Always have less access to my cognitive skills - it becomes increasingly difficult to think and build setences - I become stupid more and more - it's the technology and the radiation that does that. I always find difficult words to describe what I feel , because there is simply blocked and then induced over it , so I have no personality anymore. That is the goal of the psychopaths, the objective of this torture , to destroy me at the highest level, namely to destroy my soul.

I think that's understood that few of those affected. That's a shame, because they do not do anything, at least that's what needs to be done to stop the perpetrators. Most believe , unfortunately, the perpetrators were sitting here in Germany, but unfortunately that is wrong.

Who are the readers of my diary ? Every day, an average of 15 people found this web site , but only 3 ever read. The others must be relatives or acquaintances of victims that are immediately scanned and manipulated - leave the site after 00:00 minutes. They shouldn't understand anything because the victim's concerned should be isolated, and it is supposed that nothing of of these most violent crimes in history of mankind shall come into public.

20th October 2012

Impulse control – Paralysis I get increasingly paralyzed in the brain, I can only move slowly, react slowly. Also in the center of the body, the body center, I feel more and more a paralysis that makes me weak and inflexible.
For 3 days I get very strong nerves twitching in the body and thrown in the legs and extreme dizziness in the head. I have then to go to bed, because I am no longer able to do anythging.

Noise torture – heart torture The owner has moved the front door again, for the third time - now it pops so loud that despite of 36dB headphones with listening to music, I still can hear it. With every explosion and every engine noise they create severe pain in my heart.
There is 1 clock in the morning, so Saturday morning. The neighbors have a party in the garden and still have the loud music, laugh and sing out loud - no one complains. The neighborhood get brainmanipulated, as my whole environment, so they cannot perceive the noise as it is. When I go to ask them to be quiet, they are either rude and aggressive, or they say they do quietly and then turn on again when I go away. And so it goes for years with every single person.
The neighbors beat their doors louder, even at night. Everything is done so since 2006, in every home, wherever I stay.
Permanently I am burdened with negative feelings, which is induced into my brain: fear, panic, shock, escape behavior at every sound, when I go to the door out, then shall I be afraid of encounters with my neighbors, when I go to my window, should I be afraid to look out etc.
With every movement of my will I is generated severe respiratory distress.

10th of October, 2012

Burglary The day before yesterday they have sent again somebody penetrating in my flat when I was briefly outdoors, at most 3 minutes - when I came back there lay raw grains of rice on my culinary table - I had the thought in the afternoon, I want to cook jasmine rice once more which I love so much. They did not come from me, because I have jasmine rice in the cupboard which smells very strongly, while this smelt of nothing. The door handle from the outside, like from the inside, smelt of man's perfume. This was purely symbolic again - it is not stolen every time a little bit.
Then I had understood that it had to be the neighbour about me, because which, that beside me lives, was not at home. He had to have copied him a key. Who knows who all posesses my key to my flat?
This runs thus since 2006 - they march in to every flat and always do the same.
From both I become for 2 years hard a noise-terrorised. The neighbour beside me is the son of the house-owner - he had to slander me at the beginning of the year with the ordinal velvet, I would make noise.
In this flat has become several times penetrated and screws were manipulated several times in my bicycle which stands in my kitchen, the brake cable was cut, deep scratches in my television table, the window and in my desk were made – several objects stolen.
They want to demonstrate her complete power about me and my environment to me.
Because the culprits dispose of a technology with which they can transfer pictures into my brain, yesterday they have made clear to me that in this manner they would send next time both in and they would violate me.
How I do feel now, I must probably not describe.
Radiation of the brain Last night I was irradiated so hard in the brain: Strong daze in the head, stream feeling, feeling of sickness, oxygen starvation in the brain. I could hardly keep myself on the legs and lay down, stretched the legs in the air, there it immediately got better. It lies in the cables. As long as I have connected no device in the stream, it is better, as soon as I stick on the four outlet and connect my PC and modem, it starts: If I am outdoors, I am much better in this point, hence, I know that they can raise the stream in my flat. 

30.08. 2012

The proof that each visitor of this website is brainmanipulated not to understand what is written:
At the following websites I am mentioned as being a victim of Tantric Buddhism.
Even my website describes well that I'm a targeted individual who is tortured throughelectronic torture and mind control, they are not able to understand - not because these people are stupid, but because they are brainwashed by the perpetrators technique.
Main thing for the perpetrators is, that noone shall understand what really happens to me.
I'm even supposed to be already dead. I'm still alive, but I do not know for how many months more.  

25th May 2012
My condition is getting worse each day and my eyes are tortured severly. So I didn't keep on translating in english.
You will find the german version on http://brittaleiajaccard.jimdo.com/startseite/tagebuch/.

25th March, 2012
My brain is irradiated stronger and stronger, I can think worse and worse. My cerebral functions are dammed more and more. I have no more access to certain centres in my brain. They have strengthened rapidly the torture. 
I get comments in my head: "We have taken away your ability of selfdefence".
It's a computer, which is programmed by the psychopaths with words and sentences and shoots with measured radiation at me, depending on which cerebral frequency my brain just is. The more relaxed I am, the heavier the torture is.
For several weeks they do not let me meditate any more - it attacks me very fast an extreme tiredness. If I wake, I fall asleep 3 seconds later again. Every day the same. The tiredness is so strong, I cannot defend myself, I fall asleep in the seat. 
24th of March, 2012 
New comment from today: "The whore Britta annoys me and must be tortured again stronger. Synchronously the breath torture started in the chest.

20th of March, 2012
Today my murderers have asked me whether I really wanted to go to hospital with a cardiac infarction because there I would soon get if I continued my internet research.
I see through faster and faster, how much they manipulate my brain to change my behaviour and I struggle with all my strength against it.
They slow down my heartbeat and accelerate and put out the heartbeat temporarily, so that I can measure heart rythm disturbances since some time on my blood pressure measuring instrument. I thought: These are crude murderers and psychopaths - there I got the comment: "No, Leia, we are no brutal psychopaths - we are killing you softly!"

12th of March, 2012
Letter of the radiologist about CT received: Morbus Crohn.
In consideration of my symptoms and strong pains in the whole belly, also large intestine, it is also weakened here again and facts have been left out. From 3 pressable, 10-cm-long and 5-cm-wide roller-shaped areas of my bellybutton, he writes nothing. He has not seen that - in a CT.? Layer admissions of the belly should not show these knots? Also he has become cerebral-manipulated, like all doctors whom I visited. Of course he has seen them, because he has eyes and these announce to the brain what they see. No guilt meets the doctor - this is clear.
On the 9th of March over again with another doctor. She had this report. I explained to her over again what happens there with us. Said her over again that the knots are still there and that these can only be tumours. She humed and hawed around and meant, this can also come from the inflammation. Yes, but that I have according to radiologist only in the lower area of the small intestine. The knots are round the bellybutton. She has never felt my belly, seems absolutely indifferently to be not to realise what I say to her there. 
Also it is clear that who comes on my site, every reader becomes cerebral-manipulated, so that what I write cannot be understood really and thus this crime does not come to the public.

5th of March, 2012
I have just read on "scribd" the report of Mrs. Kathrin K..When I had read this sentence: "The state in the brain is always intolerable and nerve-killing, as if one had to suffocate in the head", exactly this described torture started with me - for the first time.
When I had read that a victim described how it gets stings in the whole body, stings started with me from August, 2011 daily, several times during the day in all body parts.
2nd of March, 2012
For a few days I get a whistling sound (tinnitus) in my ears released, for hours - in different volumes and pitches, sometimes even on an ear.
Today I talked to the owner of a copy store who became cerebral-manipulated as well as all my people and has told me quite a lot of fictitious, implausible things. I have looked at him, but have not reacted to it, have switched off that is internally. Meanwhile I got for several minutes violent stings in my left ear shot, to the punishment that I have not reacted to it.

1st of March, 2012
We need help from the public because as we are observed 24 hours each day by the psychopaths, it is clear that they also control all our correspondence.
If I want to destroy somebody at every level, I go forward in such a way, there I admit no foreign effect, I would want the complete control of my victim, for it I use my psychotronic technology and control the environment of my victim hostile and prevent that the other brain can think arbitrarily and act.
They control the whole Internet. On more than 20 Blogs I have written – nobody leaves a comment, it is completely ignored what I write. Only 3 comments and they were from the perpetrators – always the same manuscript. The screenplay is always the same, the sentences and answer patterns, the same.
I read on other victim sides exactly the same approaches. It is sad, but they can bring every brain under their control – whether judge, police, lawyer, father, mother – this is the heaviest power which is possible, about that nothing more goes.

29th of February, 2012
The perpetrators prevent the complete contact with my outside world. The sad fact is that even the people who know a lot in the mind control technology very well are mind manipulated by them in such a way that they do not notice it. They supervise not only my web pages, not only me, but everybody which I contact computer-technically or phone-technically. They dispose of the highest technology and need no chip to control the brain of their victim.
If I write e-mails, it is answered either not at all, or, however, completely along the subject or it is written included with phrases of my own thoughts, discrediting me, facts twisting – then I know, the persons brain was manipulated by my ennemies.
I know the manuscript of my murderers meanwhile very well.

The 26th of February, 2012
I see through to her mind control more and more, what has not been so easy for me, because I have become mind-manipulated from them already since my early childhood. If I comment on it ideally, they let go me, but resume 2 seconds later. It makes them furious and, therefore, they torment my body stronger and stronger. I get severe difficulty in breathing, ........in the throat, stings into my face, stomach, fingertips, the whole body, extreme dizziness, tinnitus on both ears.
Live TV: If I have a look at a live broadcasting, the people are steered there after the always same methods (see mind control). It hurts me for these people and also for me, besides, I am violently tortured.

20th of February, 2012
Blood sedimentation is clearly raised and the number eosinophilen Granulozyten is clearly degraded. On google I have read that the sign can be a peritonitis or pneumonia. I read that small intestine tumours can cause peritonitis, but also peptic ulcers (extreme pains for months, above all in deep pressure).
I appealed to the doctor to these values, there she was steered to say: "Oh this is nothing, nothing at all. Only if the value is raised, one can have worms".
These can be signs for peritonitis, I said, there she became nervous and changed the subject. I knew, it has no purpose. They do not notice that they lie and do not even know what they say. What I should tangle with a cerebral-manipulated person. I speak not with her, but these are the psychopaths who steer the conversation. I asked them to give to me something against my enteritis existing since Sepember. I properly had to beg, said that I had no money to buy to myself further Indian Boswellia what is also right. Fact is that I must not beg for drugs which are entitled to me. Every person who has more than 5 months of diarrhea would have received drugs already at the latest.
She got a feeling of aversion released, took with reluctance a pink-coloured recipe slip of paper and wrote down to me Salofalk, current means with enteritises.
I was happy: The 3rd doctor who prescribes, finally, something for me.
Since 16. february 2012 I take it and it helps very good.
However, the main problem is not solved with it and I am other in search of doctors who evaluate my stomach bowel passage x-rays properly.

14th of February, 2012
A german torture victim has sent me a link about DCA (Dichloracetat), these are "new" means which should help in cancer and one can get it without recipe. Today I have ordered it to myself. Then the murderers have shot to me violently in the left kidney. They move to me stings in the whole body, especially with pleasure into the important organs, like heart, eyes, kidney.
Since the week-end they release to me for hours strong burning in the stomach - I suppose, they let gastric acid rise in the esophagus, it burns up to the throat and through to the backbone.
Also these pains can be increased in the intensity.

9th of February, 2012
Received the CD with the x-ray pictures of the stomach bowel passage. I can see several black spots in the liver and dark areas in the intestins. The report: Everything is "regular".
The doctors are made involuntary and unknowing murder tools, while to them the brain is manipulated not to write this what is to be seen. Therefore I get no operation and also no therapy, because if there are "no tumours" and metastases, one needs to operate nothing.
The murderers have released to me consciously and deliberately intestine toumors what is possible with her weapons, as everybody knows, for a long time, they can determine even the organ and the quickness of the growth. Understandably is present that no doctor should help me, so he must become a cerebral-steered to ascertain nothing. They want to watch me with the death, share my pains and have therefore the complete power, control of my life, as well as need the psychopath.
They also create it to steer people who well know a lot about the mind-control-technology.

8th of February, 2012
Today I have been to a MDP (stomach bowel passage), X-ray with contrast media, because I felt since several months knots in the small intestine and these have grown. The doctor said with regard to the oesophagus and stomach everything would be in order. I could see in as he has said it, that he has lied.
I am tortured since 2007 in the stomach with Reflux and burning jump-off in the stomach which goes through up to the spine. For months with the pressure on the stomach as well as on the whole belly I have strong pains. To 3 next admissions he was not there any more. I have not seen the doctor any more and I have not got the result. Tomorrow I will fetch the letter. He becomes cerebral-manipulated from my murderers to write, everything is unobtrusive and my discomfort is not pathological.
I have roller-shaped knots in my belly - these are quite clearly tumours for what the symptoms which I have for months leave no doubt more.
Since summer, 2011 I become injured in this manner from "steered" doctors - it moves me over and over again into a short panic, deep grief and faint because I know that the time runs and I cannot escape from her power apparently.

1st of February, 2012
Since the day before yesterday the murderers shoot to me directly in the eyes. These are needle stings which are very painful. I frighten myself very much what is a natural reflex, the eyes are our most important sense.
Yesterday I was at a doctor. Like everybody, he was also steered, but I have reached to get a transfer to the radiologist. If, however, this is steered then to see nothing, as well as then I am all the other doctors before, again in the situation in which I am now. To have several roller-shaped 10-cm-long knots in the belly. These must be tumours and whether these are good-naturedly or maliciously, must be removed. In addition this extreme psychological blackmail which one does to me. Not to know whether one gets help, although it is entitled of course to live always in the need, to get even more damage, than that whom one has already got and agrees.
In addition comes the noise terror of neighbours whose brain is abused to terrorise me - noise is agression. They know nothing - not what they do, nor why they do this - they do obviously not notice that they make noise.

26th of January, 2012
As well as with other victims, they have also penetrated here several times into my flat. Tracks have been left, so that I know that somebody has been here: Cigarette cinder in my bedroom, it is a pure psychological blackmail and also the plan to let explain me for mad. I have called the police. She has taken photos, but, otherwise, nothing. He has taken out the door handle and has twisted about 180 degrees, so he has been inside. Light tracks of tools with which the perpetrator has got opened the door were to be recognised. This did not seem to be enough to the police to do her work.
With the third one sometimes I have called the police once more. Again she wanted to take no fingerprints, put to me insignificant questions. On my question, why they take no fingerprints, I got the intelligent answer: The wood of the door is not quite smooth, there it is difficult. And I asked the door handle, it is from metal, is this also difficult? No, but there I would have blurred certainly already the tracks and there they would certainly find nothing more.
Unfortunately my neighbour arrived. They steer him already for 2 years to pursue extreme noise terror, also at night. 2 times he was running after me and has hit at my door after I closed it. He has with the detective, a conversation controlled, while I have been with the colleague in the other room. I would have had to know that they would use this to arouse him against me.
It happened today that a social worker of the social-psychiatric service came to my house and wanted to carry on a conversation with me. I have not let in them uncommented on which she has still rung 10 times. Later I have called them and have asked what she has wanted. She said, she would have received an announcement of the police, I would believe somebody has penetrated into my flat, the police would have found no tracks.
These people, as well as everybody with which I have contact becomes cerebral-manipulated.

24th of January, 2012
The perps have released small intestine cancer in me, I have already felt for several weeks of roller-shaped knots in the lower abdomen. The blood sedimentation was strongly raised what speaks for tumours. With 2 doctors I have been. Both again steered, want to give me no transfer for a X-ray, one would not make this today any more -t his is an infame lie, a bad wrong statement, a dangerous physical injury and more, than this. I should allow to make an enteroscopy. This is wrong and they know this: with an enteroscopy one does not come to the small intestine!!!
I have no chance to make clear to the doctors that they become cerebral-manipulated. I have told a doctor that I am put out to ray torture and that these rays can release cancer. She has got nothing, from which what I have said. She reacted as if I had told her that I just was in town and would have bought new shoes. Nothing of that what I say comes with the steered person. They prevent this, so that I get no help. Their brain seems to be switched off - it is cruel.

15th of January, 2012
At night from 13. on 14. january 2012 somebody has been again in my flat. I have found cigarette cinder in my bedroom, exactly under the heating, here which has been repaired a few days ago. It belongs to the plan "psychological blackmail". I should know with the fact that they are it. They are ill.
However, this time my door was locked. New tracks in the door edge are visible again. How does one come to a flat if the door is locked? It is the "Picking method", I have learnt.
They must have moved my neighbour into a hypnotic state, so that he does not know what he does and that he cannot remember behind any more. They steer him for 2 years to pursue extreme noise terror. In the beginning of 2011 my bicycle which stands in my flat has been already manipulated several times. The brake and the big screw in the back wheel. She has been so loose, according to a mechanic, the wheel had already moved, it could have dropped, while driving it.
This has been a murder attempt.

4th of January, 2012
Today they have switched off my blood circulation in the fingers for a few minutes, in the ring and forefinger of both hands. These fingers became white as chalk, it was no more colour in it and they became absolutely deaf, it was no more feeling in them. I have shaken my hands and have hit on it, bit by bit they let blood again flow. With it they wanted to demonstrate to me their power, show me that they can murder me any time, while they carry out the same in heart or brain.
I have contacted a former friend, have asked him to read to itself my web page by. He has been steered by them to send me as a result approx. 10 SMS in which he has offended me indecently. Certainly he cannot remember to have written this. Several times I get since then phone calls with no phone number and noone is speaking. Today a french music played in the background, a chanson of Edith Piaf and again was quiet. I thought that my observers could be, then I changed my opinion, one can investigate this and they would not risk this. 2 minutes later I reveived a phone call again with a number which does not exist: +491930100. I got several other phone calls with this number.