30 May 2014

Self-injury under hypnosis

1 Preface
2 Introduction  
3 Photos of self-injury    


                                             1 Preface 

With the mind-control technologies of the American government, any creature that has a brain, from a distance, via satellite, can be manipulated in his behavior: people and animals, even the smallest animals, such as mayflies, can be controlled remotely.

The person is able to walk, stand, sit, speak without being with consciousness – everything what he should act, he will act – he is moved into full hypnosis and has no chance to defend himself against it. He will know neither what he says, nor what he does. He transforms to a remote control human robot, who can injure himself and others, violate and kill.

The characteristic feature of the full-hypnosis are wide open expressionless eyes and a perfectly smooth face with no facial expressions - even if frequencies are induced the face is a mask - the entire body has a different aura.

                        2 Introduction self-injury under hypnosis

In the spring of 2012, I noticed that I had more and more frequently cuts on the fingertips, but I could not remember where they were created. Frequently they were then again in the morning when I woke up, covered with dried blood and the region around section was swollen. I should not understand, so I did not understand. 

One day while I was sitting at the PC, I noticed that my numerous lacerations were finally healed on the fingers. I was very happy about that , because they have been very painful and because I was remotely controlled to push the cut on whatever I was trying to grab. 
Only about half an hour later I noticed that I had a new fresh cut on my left middle finger. I was sitting all the time on the PC and had nothing touched except the buttons of my PC. She was just as deep as any other previously - not deep enough to bleed to, but deep enough to see the raw meat can. 

Now I finally understood that I had been transferred to hypnosis to submit to me the cuts myself. 
I can always remember a thing - it's like during an operation under general anesthesia - you're asleep and do not feel the knife. 

Now I finally understood what it was like with the attacking and terrorizing fellow man: You will be put within a fraction of a second in exactly this condition and attack me without knowing what they are doing - they are in full-hypnosis and can lie, beat me up and drive with their car into me while looking me in the eyes, as it has happened to me with the bike on the road three times. Learn more about this see war through human robot.

Now I understood how these satanic weapons are powerful and dangerous, and how much I'm 24 hours every day in mortal danger. At some point, it could be my wrists, in which I must cut or jump off the balcony. I have often enough the transfer received: "We have decided to kill you by suicide". 

                                 3. photos of self-injury

January 7, 2014 - For the 5th time I had to cut in the same wound.

January 6, 2014  - For the 4th time I had to cut me in these two wounds.

4. Januar 2014 - unter Vollhypnose musste ich mir in der Nacht zum 3. mal die Schnittwunde öffnen
January 4, 2014  - For the third time I had to cut me into this wound.









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