The US-Army about psychotronic weapons 

The reality about psychotronic weapons today - Preston T. Bailey 

Video The english Agent Dr. Barrie Trower about Microwave Weapons and Mind Control

Video Dr. Barrie Trower about Mind Control

Video Fritz Springmeier about Trauma Based Mind Control 

Video Dr. Nick Begich – HAARP – Mind Control & Weather Manipulation

Franz Bludorf und Grazina Fosar - Ihre Bücher

Video Aussagen von Opfern des CIA-Mind-Control-Programms

Video Endgame – die globale Versklavung

Video Die Verbrechen der CIA

Project Monarch 
Monarch Programming and Mind Control
Illuminati Symbols related to Monarch Mind Control
Josef Mengele - Angel of Death
Fritz Springmeier about Josef Mengele
The Fundamentals of Trauma Based Mind Control

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