18 Jun 2012

Electronic Torture - Symptoms

                                                        Psychotronic Weapons
     Energy - Based Technologies from a distance, via satellite

Frequency waves that can access a person’s nervous system, brain and body to affect their sight, vision, physical coordination, have been developed leaving people all over the world to suffer cruel torture, to be labeled "mentally ill", and to ultimately die an early and horrible death.
Computers are reading my brain frequencies and depending on which frequency my brain just is, pain is triggered and organs are manipulated in varying intensity.
The physical torture is used for mind control which should lead to the extinction of my personality as well as the destruction of my mental-cognitive and organic forces.
The more I researched on the internet about their technologies the more I was tortured.
The more I had perceived their brain manipulations on me and went inside in the resistance, the greater was the physical torture and the faster the destruction process was daily increased.
All pain and organ manipulation can be generated in various intensities of light to medium to strong, occur from second to second, and then stop. It can affect several organs simultaneously.
24 hours each day without interruption:
  • Blurred vision, extremely strong burning sensation, eye muscle contractions - feeling of tearing and crushing of the eyeballs, stitches in the eye - I see daily blue and white flashes.
  • Generating extreme difficulty of breathing: 1 . By tightening the abdominal muscles, narrowing of the bronchi and trachea - exhalation flows only shortened by itself, must exhale stepped up - just the same with inhalation - both techniques are applied simultaneously since July 2012, almost non-stop, 18 hours a day. In addition, severe pain in the stomach area are generated, presumably the solar plexus is cramped. 2 . Generating a sense of suffocation in the head. 3 . Narrowing of the vaginal walls nose - nasal breathing is considerably more difficult.
  • Acceleration and deceleration of the heart beat, palpitations, dropouts, syncope, compression pain in the heart, stitches, blood pressure increase and-reduction.
  • "Knife wounds" on the skull, severe headache, throbbing at the back of the head, pain in the bones behind the ears
  • Stings like bee stings are placed in the body: Mainly in the eyes and face, but also in fingertips
  • Electronic Rape: Manipulation of the anal, vaginal and clitorial nerves. Frequencies were also induced by sexual desire since the beginning of 2014. These manipulations can be increased in intensity. The more I resist, the more I'll put in a noise and manipulated with subliminal messages that I wanted to do it, that it was absolutely my own decision. The psychopaths want to make me do all the things they want and if it fails, it will simply be induced more intense - this can take several hours and the physical pain in my sexual organs is unbearable.
  • Nipples: pain, stiffening
  • Nose, hands, feet, lower legs: Ice cold up on the pain threshold
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle cramps: calves, feet, ascending trapezius muscle among others
  • Electric shock in the upper shoulder muscles
  • Pain 1 cm below the ears
  • Ear pain, stitches
  • Tinnitus at different levels, sometimes right, sometimes left, or both simultaneously, Groaning noises, ambulance sirens
  • Extreme overheating of the head, neck, torso
  • Cooling the body, the body temperature drops to 35 °
  • Triggering urination
  • Pain under the armpits
  • Antipruritic and tickle at various locations, as if a tiny insect passes over the skin, preferably in the nostrils and on the upper and lower eyelid margin
  • Extreme fatigue 
  • Pulsing and twitching in various locations throughout the body
  • Turbidity sense - smell, taste
  • Disturbance of the Language Centre, Language is slowed, delayed
  • Hoarseness of the voice to extinction
  • Nausea
  • Bloating, burping and sneezing attacks are triggered
  • Nerve irritation: 1 approximately 10 cm above the outer ankle of the right leg and the right foot sole, on the lower right arm, the right hand and on the outer side of the upper arm.
  • Cuts under hypnosis - see point 4 below Psychotronic Mind Control
  • Increasing and decreasing muscle tone - see item 5 under Psychotronic Mind Control
  • Modulating the radiation was increased, my body is getting stronger under power and under constant tension - the nerves will tear sometime.



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    1. Thank you Lee for your comment on my website.

      It is up to you, up to all american vicitms of this satanic technology, to organize a huge demonstration against psychotronic weapons with all TI's from allover the world - we are thousands of victimis, knowingly and unknowingly millions of victims.

      When you have organized it then you should contact us in europe so that we can join you all together.

      This is about saving your life - isn't it worth saving it?

      We can't do anything from here - it is up to you the americanss because it is your government not ours that hase these unique and most offensive weapons of all times in human history. How could anyone just have a thought about wanting to do this to humans and animals - controlling his behavior and inducing emotions and thoughts, preventig them of being themselves of having access to their brain, having own thought s and own emotions.

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      Kind Regards

      Leia Jaccard

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