Psychotronic Mind Control

10 minutes

             Psychotronic Mind Control July 2011 to January 2014 
                       - 24 hours every day, without interruption - 

  1. Paralyze, or blocking of brain functions
  2. Generating feelings
  3. Inducing thoughts  (synthetic telepathy)
  4. Hypnosis  (self-injury under hypnosis)
  5. Body manipulations  (increasing and decreasing muscle tone, changes the face mask, etc.)
Music Torture
Electronic Torture

Paralyze, or blocking of brain functions
There are insidious disabled increasingly certain brain functions, especially in the area of ​​the frontal lobe.
"The frontal lobe is assigned to the biological basis of who we are" as a man makes the man. "Higher cognitive functions and emotional processes that occur in humans exclusively or in particularly, have their neuroanatomical basis in the frontal brain. Way functions are as forward thinking , planning, problem solving, creativity, the use of strategies, decision making, processing of feedback from the environment, moral reasoning, religious feelings, humor, shame, consciousness or the ability to empathize with other people, bound to the frontal lobe."  From (German)

My brain is very very hot in this area since the beginning of July 2012.
Every day more access to my brain capabilities is taken from me.
I felt the blockade at the frontal lobe initially by a dull pressure on the forehead, as if I had a board before.
Forehead and skull roof, and the neck are glowing hot. The tissue is heated to the target that nerve tissue dies.
I wear a wet bandana, so this is dried within 10 minutes.
Current flows through my brain , pulling my skull and on the temples - massive feeling of pressure in the brain - the feeling of going mad. Strong dizziness, disorientation.
At night is irradiated extreme than during the day - several times I wake up with a strong dizziness - it's getting worse. Also the body is very hot.
To understand relationships or texts, becomes less and less - I can always inferior understand and think.
The mind can not be centered  and no longer rest. Only when I anspanne the hands and fingers and send voltage to the fingertips, my mind centered abruptly, then get immediately triggered severe respiratory distress. Do I get rid of the stress, I'm back in the condition described above.
My responsiveness, my thinking and my motor skills  have been greatly slowed.Thus I am the mercy of their sadistic torture defenseless.
My vision center (occipital lobe),  located at the back of the brain is deactivated stronger every day. I can not consciously comprehend, but only look at it without being able to perceive exactly what it means the object items. I try it with effort, I immediately get cut off breathing.
My sense of time is manipulated and reactions are slowed down, need for everything 20 times longer.
My will power is steadily more reduced.
Decisions  are blocked and I do not that which I know I ought to do. It is increasingly difficult to defend myself against it.
My senses are daily more limited, I have much less sense of direction.
It get triggered paralysis and speech delays.
My eyes became more and more dilated,  without me noticing it. The perpetrators manipulate my eye muscles, which is responsible for the maintenance in the eye socket - they make my eyes wide, so I can no longer stayed focused characters and objects - so you will be hypnotized and can the images, thought transference, feeling inductions and supposedly own thoughts, which one gets permanently transferred, barely fend off yet - it is separated from its existence.
In addition, my visual acuity reduced-d as happens in various degrees of severity.
I have to squint so that I can see the letters at all while reading due to decreased visual acuity and Augenweitung. Here, I get severe and unbearable Augenverkampfungen severe burning triggered and simultaneously sets a severe respiratory torture.
In return, my external perception is extremely limited.
They employ also disturbances of consciousness  - now I have every few seconds a brief loss of consciousness.
I need to push me to the edges of furniture and door frames  - 100 times a day in different intensities, so as well as the pain caused in different intensity levels.

2  Generating feelings 
Feelings and behavior that do not belong to me are triggered in my brain, as helplessness, euphoria, insecurity, guilt, anger and violent fantasies. Aversion, anger, are generated on my direct neighbors and anxiety shyness towards my fellow man - the same familiarity, complicity for the perpetrators.
It goes even further: For several weeks, they induce me daily "falling in love"-feelings for the perpetrators with manipulations of my vaginal and clitorial nervs. Synchroniously there is a picture projected in my mind: A man in jeans, a light sweater, bright sneakers, blond-haired. 
They also trigger inappropriate feelings that I would not have in the situation and which are exactly the opposite of what I normally feel.
When I think about their weapon technology I get enthusiasm triggered.
I see on TV about the military or the Unites States, I get fascination, interest, connectedness triggered. For messages about sad topics I get triggered glee, joy.
I comment in thought: "Now I will feel planted xy", it stops immediately and I am in my original, neutral nature. I try not to react, but to control, they do not let go of me and torture in addition immediately my respiratory system.
Before, when I did not even realize it, I was not physically tortured during this time. When I saw through it then that torture was becoming stronger. It is an attempt to break the will to weaken me, to delete my personality. 
Since March 2012, since I'm more tortured on my the brain, cars are increasingly driving by my street.  It is a residential street, no one has to pass by here, who does not live in this street. Before there were about 20 and then there were 300 cars.  
There I get induced escape behavior, panic, heavy feeling of threat is of any car engine, I hear thrown. They must drive in a wrong gear, so it sounds very loud and aggressive or they let them race in an accelerated pace over here.
At the sight of humans and dogs, they trigger anxiety, escape behavior. 
I am now no more second in my own personality . By modulations my brain frequencies and using the strong breath torture, I can not find any second more access to my true nature and relaxation.
It feels as if in my chest there is balloon which is inflated from time to time even stronger again, whenever I approach to my own frequency, my own personnalitiy.
The result is a jam in the chest, an insane pressure-like pain.
Also, the whole abdomen and especially the stomach area is very tense, that he no longer moves during breathing - I can not breathe normally, needs to be accelerated to inhale and exhale. It is unbearable.
Only with the techniques of quick movement, tensing of the hands, pressure with heel into the ground or with pressing the fingers together, laying hands on forehead, head and neck and with noise all day on the ears, I can still hold to some extent.

3 Synthetic Telepathy
The inducing of thoughts
The  perpetrators  know what I  think , what I  feel , what I  hear , what I  see .
Someone is talking to me inside my head – like a voice but without "sound”.
I get thoughts and comments transmitted in German (my native language), English (60%) and French.
The "words" can appear as male or  female "voice" and even as my own "voice". It can be very subtle, but also appear very clearly. 99% of the "words" do appear as male "voices".

Transmission of thoughts  
  • Soon you will go to death.
  • Survival of the fittest – you are not fit enough for this world.
  • You have never taken part in this world, Leia, I'm sorry, you never did.
  • I'm sorry Leia, but I have to kill you, you know too much.
  • We nock out your conscious mind therefor we can do to you whatever we want.
  • Leia, you are a bunny that will soon be slaughtered.
  • The whore Leia annoys me and must be tortured again stronger.
  • If we want, you will suicide.
  • If it was up to me, you were already blind.
  • We have taken away your ability of selfdefence.
  • You have a gordius body, but this body will soon be dead.
  • Hand in hand we go to death, but we will remain alive.
  • We have destroyed you, you whore. 

Comments on my thoughts and behaviors  
My thoughts and actions are commented even before they are conscious to me – by transmission of thoughts and by physical torture. I get transferred songs and pictures as well.
The first words were whore, cunt and manchurian candidate. At this point I had no idea what that meant. I didn't know by which technologies they could see me, nor did I know what is a manchurian candidate. It was only through my internet research that I've seen more and more clearly.
I became increasingly aware of how much they manipulate my brain and since when this was taking place.

If I manage to focus my mind in spite of the torture and pain, again and again, come threats, such as: "You're living dangerously", "we are getting angry," "do not provoke us" or "we fuck you" and simoultaneously I get a strong torture in the vaginal area.
There are also angry screams I do not perceive it acoustically, but as thoughts and feelings that they transfer to me.
I think, for example: “In a moment I'm taking a bath”, or “I will have a delicious tea”, immediately I get my respiratory organs tortured and get a transfer: "No, do not do that, I do not want that you're all right!".
I had a critical thought about the United States, immediately an angry comment in English was: "Damn, she is critizising our country, this hore".
I gargle with chamomile tea, because I have a sore throat - comment: "Are you mad? We can choke you". I don't react further and gargle, now I feel a strong pressure at my throat, as if I'd be strangled.
I think: “A few months ago they let me meditate”, there is: "Well, it is over now, bunny."

I prepared my food - comment: "A delicious meal I'm eating with you - it will be the last very soon."
I thought: These are brutal psychopath. As was commented: "No, we are no brutal psychopaths - we are killing you softly".
On the radio I heard "... Hurricane Louisiana ...", as was commented: "We have done that"
I read something about mind control and come to the following address: "MK-ultra-ritual-abuse", there comes: "We were fucking little children".
If I eat something that does not taste so good to me, "Well, it does not taste you? That pleases me".
If I eat something that tastes very good, I get a stranglehold or severe shortness of breath.
I thought, "I would like to work again .." - "Oh no, you will not be able to do - I'm sorry Leia, but I have to kill you ".
I am trying to stay by myself and no longer respond to them, there is (Cried) "Stay, react on me "- the song "Stay with me " is activated synchronously in my brain!.

I think: “I will meditate soon” - then I do something different, here comes: "I thought you were going to disappoint us."

While I meditated, my respiratory organs were heavily tortured, I could hardly breathe. I meditated still on, I concentrated on my breathing, there came a transfer: "Bad girls need to be punished" and in sync I got choked the throat.
In the meantime, every effort of meditating is answered with extreme and fast onset of fatigue that made me fall asleep after a few seconds while seated. I woke up again, I fell asleep after 3 seconds again.
When I meditate today with eyes closed or when I fall into a relaxed state, my eyes are dilated immediately, and to the extreme breath torture flows a permanent current flow under the skull up and down with pressure, pain, throbbing in the head of all sides - after a few seconds I'm going to put in the hypnotic state and fall asleep. It is not asleep from fatigue, but it is switched off by the brain manipulation consciousness and I'm gone, wake up after a few minutes on.
With open eyes to meditate is no longer possible because they manipulate my eye muscles, the eyeballs are moved away from the object, the view can not rest on an object.
I search a word in German language, my mother tongue, so they give it to me in English - there are ways of expression that I have never heard before.

Comments in my own voice frequency 
In my own "voice" I get transferred thoughts. These are other games that they can perform with their technology to contaminate my mind. :
In my own voice frequency: 

"I'm a good person" - comment in masculine "voice": "I know Leia, and yet you will soon die."
While I eat: "Mmm, that tastes good" - "We know that hore." 
and many more
In the answer of my own supposedly thought I get a feeling triggered by defeat, be offended. Then a laugh. I know that this is not my reaction to it and look at it only. Again I'm punished with greater torture because I did not react. 

Subliminal messages to my subconscious 
Nonstop suggestion and subliminal messages to my brain that make me understand that the perpetrators do not like it when I do this or that, that they are watching me, that they are here and would exert pressure on me.
A year ago I saw a documentary on TV about the disaster in Indonesia. I got a message to my subconscious induced: "It had to be - there are too many people in the world". I know that I do not have such thoughts, but if I do not know that I get brainmanipulated, I would not be able to notice that the thought does not spring out of me.
I would want to die, because I no longer could bear the torture.
The psychopath would be constantly here and everything I say and do, I wanted to share with him, even if I go to the toilet.
It would have no sense to fight anyway, they are too powerful, every brain can be manipulated.

4  Hypnosis 
Self-injury under hypnosis
In the winter of 2012, I noticed that I had more and more frequently cuts on the fingertips, but I could not remember where they were created - see the pictures at selfinjuries under hypnosis.
Frequently they were there in the morning when I woke up, covered with dried blood, and the region around section was swollen.
I should not understand, so I did not understand and looked no further.
One day while I was sitting at the PC, I noticed that my numerous lacerations were finally healed on the fingers. I was very happy about that, because they have been very painful and I was remotely manipulated, at least a hundred times a day, precisely pull the cut on whatever I was trying to grab. Only about half an hour later I noticed that I had a new fresh cut on my left middle finger.
I was sitting all the time on the PC and had nothing touched except the buttons of my PC's.
It was just as deep as any other previously - not deep enough to bleed to, but deep enough to see the raw meat. 
Now I finally understood that I had been transferred to hypnosis to submit to me the cuts.
I can always remember nothing, it is as if you are under general anesthesia, because you do not know what happens to you.
One day the police rang me and handed me my wallet that someone had found in the morning on the road. I was completely speechless, because I hadn't missed it. Then I realized that I had to have been added on the way to the hardware store in hypnosis and the wallet himself had stored somewhere. The Finder told me when I called him to thank me, he would have found in the playground of an elementary school, where I was actually run on my way over.
Now I understood how powerful and dangerous these satanic weapons are and how every day life I am in danger.
This technology can let me do anything in hypnosis:  Sometime it might be my veins, in which I have to cut or jump from the balcony.
I have often enough get the transfer: "We have decided to kill you by suicide."

5 Body manipulations  
Up and lowering of muscle tone 
Since July 2011, after I had contacted lawyers and asked for help, the radiation is increasing daily and my muscle tone increases steadily stronger and stronger each been reduced.
Generally, it is reduced throughout the body, so I can not center myself and I am therefore at the mercy of negative emotion inductions, it can not block out.
If my mind is relaxed, is immediately increased the tension in the muscles, I focus, center, tone is reduced.
My leg muscles is greatly reduced in the tone that I can barely stand.
I want me then no longer be able to center. Muscle tone is extremely on the brain, or vice versa.
For each acoustic and visual appeal there is a feeling of induction, which has also been strengthened over time. I only understood because really what was meant when I got the transmission: "We have taken away your ability of self defense".
This process was, like everything, slinky.
Makes a neighbor knocking noise, making noise, etc., is immediately my right iliopsoas, hip flexor, tense, and upper arms and it induces a negative feeling - I can not get myself to relax and ward off what is induced.
The result is a jam in the left hemisphere, with which I could the negative feelings that I get induced fend off. Other sites are tense or lowered in tone, such as the right hand back, right wrist, right forearm.
If this occurs frequently, which is the case every day, I get angry on their own and must fight in the air and shout to have a valve. What also helps is to beat on the table or to stomp (which I no longer allowed to do, because of the thrombosis). This increases the tone and I can fight again, at least slightly. 
About the manipulation of the hyoid bone, which is fastened with a band on the cervical spine, my tongue is hooked. Again and again I realize that I subconsciously manipulated, press against the palate. 
The position of the head is about the brain-lege affects the head back. This ensures energy deadlock occurs in the neck spinal canal, clarity of mind is disturbed. Also acts this out on my vocal situation, it is brighter, nasal and quetschig.
Diaphragmatic manipulation - it is tense, this not only prevents the natural exhalation, breathing can not drain, it can no longer breathe normal - even the voice is thinner, weaker. Jams, mind can not sink.
My TMJ muscles are extremely tense, which not only leads to painful spasms, but also affects speech.
Change my mask - face, temples and eye muscles are tense, thus changing my natural, authentic expression of what the program of total Mentizids (total extinction of personality) is - partly I see by moronic joy.
Posture is distorted, have a very upright posture - muscles are tense in your lower back - my lumbar spine is contracted in different intensities, depending on brain activity - triggered all over my brain. Centering, stop in middle of the body is taken, rapid movement and progress is difficult.   
Suddenly I speak with different accents, for example when I speak English, I suddenly have a French accent and then suddenly a German, though I do not have a noticeable accent, since I am very good at languages.
My articulation is always temporarily changed.
The last two points are generated exclusively by the manipulation of the brain.
I noticed the manipulations though, but when I correct them immediately I get "punished" with breath torture. The more upright I sit down, the more they torture me.
My body gets stiffer and weaker day by day!


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