Noise Torture

                                                       Updated in April 2015      

  • Stomp on me
  • Pop doors
  • Hammering, drilling
  • Strike against Walls
  • Music and bass on maximum volume - always music with a fast beat, faster than my heartbeat
  • Water runs for minutes up to hours
  • The daily use of sawing machines in the garden
  • Huge increase in car traffic through my street - increased running speed, car motors are overridden aggressive
The perpetrators programmed the computer to control my environment to make noise when my brain just produces certain brain frequencies (concentrated work on the PC, own way of thinking and sensing processes), even at night.
A striking feature of all the apartments is that there is always one of the neighbors at home, even in the most beautiful summer weather he/she will not come out.
If one goes, the other comes - every time this is so, no matter where I live - since of 2006.
These people are made by the psychopath to tools, their slaves to make a button noise.
It is also striking that except me, nobody ever complained about the noise as loud as it is and what time of day or night, it also takes place. Normal?
They make noise day and night and none of the other neighbors seems to bother? That can not be, they have to work and can not afford to have sleepless nights.
Meanwhile I have understood that the perpetrators can manipulate the process of what is heard in the brain, so that man can not hear what actually pass his ears to the brain.
To make them do waht they sahll do, hypnosis is added by the technology and therefor the neighbour does not know what he's doing - further information on this topic under  hypnosis - Self-injury . However, it is not always applied hypnosis, but also manipulated suggestive manipulation that they wanted to work in the garden while the perception of time as well as the threshold, and the conscience is sabotaged. The willingness to go a little beyond what is legal is thus induced by Mind Control.                            
2010 - 2014
I lived in a very clairaudient house.
In the morning, my day began with renewed Noise Terror:
As soon as my alarm went off, at the same time the neighbors shower, heater, and loud radio was turned on - time does not matter - 5:30, 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00 clock.
Plumbing and heating were very good to hear from the neighbors and be used as a means of terror.
If the neighbor turned up his water pipe, I heard a very strong noise in the wall - he turned the knob to secure the maximum on - I can despite silicone plugs
(32dB) nor hear.
Over 10 months, they had brought him to allow the water to between 10 and 45 minutes at a time running on maximum and 15 to 20 times a day, even at night. He needed it very often during the day and do at night.
Since the water is allocated to all tenants, the settlement was significantly increased.
In my radiator was a loud noise heard when one of the direct neighbors was turning up his heating - the heating rods that go from my radiator in the wall, were hot.
He was turning on the heating during the day and night and also daily in summer, although we get the sun all afternoon in the room. At outside temperatures of 28-30 degrees he put it on. Without heating it was very warm in the room - how warm comfortable with heating ??? !! This person was put into a hypnotic state in which he could not notice what he was doing. It worked over 4 years - every day!
Since  March 2012  I was irradiated stronger on the brain and everyday there was more. It was in this period, the increase in car traffic began by my street, which was a residential street. Since then, there were daily up to 600 motorists who did not have to drive through my street. They were targeted and brain controlled by the satellite - initially there were not more than 10 cars passing by.
They all drove an accelerated pace past my house - shortly thereafter they had to slow down again, because they had to turn to less than 15 meters.
In many American victims reports is also to read - "traffic increase" it is called there.
Since  spring 2013, also my neighbors began to drive in this manner - they all went in a high and aggressive driving through the parking lot.
Every day in the neighborhood for several hours in gardens or on the balcony, drilling and hammering, during lunch time.
It never complains anyone.
Since summer 2013, they also needed to let their engine run up to 20 minutes on a piece of low-lying (I call it because I do not know how to call it exactly as I have never made ​​a driving license and am not familiar with cars). Listen to one, begins another. It usually takes place only when I'm just trying to eat or sit at the PC. When I work eg 5 hours a PC, then this noise torture goes on for 5 hours without a break - unfortunately this is not an exaggeration, but the sad truth.
To this end I get extreme painful nerve irritation caused to the head. More specifically it is the cruelest torture I had to endure - not bearable, so I have my ears as much as possible shielded (Earmags 32dB - big silicone balls that are placed and pressed on the entire ear - unfortunately close on time is not good for the ears and expensive).
However, I hear that dull aggressive noise still, as there are very low frequencies, and they pierce through walls and windows closed. The perpetrators know everything about noise torture and that's why it is so taken with us. 
Since Summer 2014 children were abused as a new means of terror: It can be manipulated their brains to scream always in  the same frequencies in the small park nearby - every day the same screeching sounds, sometimes eight hours without interruption on Sundays, sometimes to 21 clock.
Since October 2014 I'm also tortured by increased bass, almost without interruption, a 24 hour period each day, 
Most people have a stereo with remote control - the perpetrators can unfortunately operate with its technology, just as they can manipulate our PC and all digital devices. Therefore, the perpetrators can put on and off their stereo, although the neighbors are out or sleeping.
My fellow hear nothing of it. The hearing is suppressed in the brain, so that nobody else can hear this mad noise terror.
Also, people are in their cars under hypnosis to to keep in close to the house, and with the windows closed to turn the system on, the bass is always set to maximum. 
2006 - 2009
In 2006 I moved from Montpellier to Strasbourg, where I lived in a house, the owner with his wife about me. Initially, the owner was very friendly. When I came home, he was always "accidentally" front of the house and seemed to expect me.He greeted me, but was from time to time naughty, provocative.
He and his wife hit the doors, stomped 50 times a day, always exactly where I was staying. At night they operated taps rhythmically, so I knew I was bullied.
In my absence, they came into my apartment - I found the sink full of short, brown hair. The landlord had brown short hair. The spare key he can not give me, he would not have. After 2 months I moved out.
In 2009 I lived in a very small village - about me lived a man and a woman diagonally across me. The house was very old and therefore very noisy.
Every night I was woken up by the neighbors for 4 months.
It rumbled violently, as if he would carry and sell furniture, he dropped objects and he sang in the middle of the night.
During the day he followed me from room to room. I went to the bathroom he came behind and stomped - always there, where I found myself. He seemed to know exactly where I was and exactly where he collided with an object, or the foot on the ground.
When he was pulled out after 4 months, the neighbor with noise terror was my turn. She introduced night 2-6 clock, 6 hours, with interruption, the music system to the maximum. I could hear the music very well despite earplugs. They even left open the window and the door.
After a few minutes she made it and when I was just asleep, she did it again. This went on for 6 hours. Every night.
How could she know that I had just fallen asleep? Was she clairvoyant?
That was the kind of torture by sleep deprivation agressievste - there were and are other possibilities.
One day she called out from her window: "Leia, you are schizophrenic!" How could she know my name I had never spoken to her nobody knew me there?
One night I went to see her up and told her that I could not sleep from the noise, if it would not matter, I was calling the police. She ran after me like a fury and wanted to attack me - I could go into my appartment quickly, as she beat wildly against it. In fact, I called the police - I was told that they had no time to come. So every night went away for 2 months, until I moved out.
When I had initially sung once, hit another neighbor with a large object so violently against the wall, I thought it would break the same. I sang anyway. Suddenly my voice was getting thinner, I sang on. Suddenly she was gone. Since I'm tortured on the vocal cords. Since then, I have my original voice and can not sing no more. It is known that they can manipulate the vocal cord nerves with its rays.
From this neighbor I got a death threat behind his door pronounced as I passed: "You, you, you and your cat, I'll kill you".
I found sticker on my door with the wording: "Do you joy", "Mach yourself" etc. Later I found on my doormat one broken into 4 parts broom. Should this be a warning that you the backbone or rather me, the personality
wanted to break?
A few days later I found a drug against delusions and hallucinations in my mailbox.Oddly enough, it was a German drug, with German package insert, so I thought the perpetrators were close to me and had bought it in Germany, when I still lived there previously.
Most victims happened exactly by the perpetrators - they let them be put in the psychiatry so they do not fight back and continue their lives socially destroyed.
Since 2006 I have lived in 5 different cities in France and Germany.
Everything went along as well. Even on the plane, in the hotel - in New Zealand and Thailand - the torture and psychological terror continued.

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