The "Beginning" - june 2006

This is a brief summary of the first few weeks.

What a nightmare I experience on a daily basis to this day, no matter what country I travel, no matter on which continent you can see "War by human robots".

In 2006 I lived in Montpellier, southern France, in the middle of the old town, directly opposite a beautiful avenue with a nem small park behind it.

In June 2006 I noticed, that the people on the street, in the alley, in the park, tried to convey " messages " to me. It began that people put their dogs from the line when I came, and looked at me in a bliss, as they wanted to say to me: "Look, I know what you're thinking, you'd like that the dogs can walk around in liberty - look, I'm doing this now for you. " I was totally confused, what was that all of a sudden? These people didn't know me at all and they couldn't know something about me.
This was repeated sonme more times but changed quite fast into negative behaviour.
Then people began to burp  loudly and gave me a dirty grin as if to recite: "Look, I know you do not like it when someone does."

I understood then quickly realized that I in my apartment I must have been liostened to my phone calls in which I had probably talked about these points some times. I do not even thought that they could read my mind - I did not understand until 2008.

It started to get worse: psychological terror by stalking, harassment, provocation and noise pollution of the neighborhood was now going on the whole day long.

It was hitherto a quiet house and the neighbors behaved themselves normal.

Now everything changed!

The psychological blackmail began while my neighbour about me got up suddenly daily with me at 4 o'clock in the morning and opened at the same time the shutters.
Now he started wearing shoes and I could hear every single step. He started stamping on the ground.

It was a quiet house before - now everything changed.

Each time when I was meditating, exactly the moment I sat down, neighbours began to make noise (clapping the door, running down the stairs, shout, put music on etc.) for exactly the duration of my meditation - 1 hour - then they stopped and it was quiet again.

People, in the beginning only men, waylaid for me before the house and pursued me then a piece. Then on the next corner stood the next one and thus it went the whole day, all the same where I went.

Did I go to the postoffice, supermarkets or pharmacies, the employees seemed to expect me and caught in to grin if they saw me. Their malicious pleasure became greater and greater.
Wherever I appeared, one seemed to expect me. All the same where I went, where I could make purchases before anonymously, now I seemed to be known.

Before nobody had taken notice of me. Now people looked at me quite directly although I was in a crowd of people, queue, in the coach, train - they fixed me accurate targeted. 

Security men who in France in any business are, now came in threatening gesturestowards me, which previously never had happened.

Policemen came to me in their vehicle repeatedly opposed and grinned at me with glee - they seemed to be happy - but what for? In fact, I thought they were inaugurated and would work for the perpetrators.

Ongoing I was photographed of foreign people.

When I came home, I wanted to relax, meditate, but there was no possibility of regeneration any more, because of the noise terror during the day was getting stronger.
The neighbors below me were loud, it was hours noisy with the windows open spoken.
The neighbor above me stomped several times on the ground daily.

There was no peace there anymore and not even 5 minutes.

I did not understand how this could happen, but it happened and it pulled away the ground under my feet.

I lost 7 kg in short time, had strong loss of hair and my thyroid knots strongly grew.

This goes beyond psychological terror far beyond - it's war! - Destruction.

After 4 months I moved to Strasbourg, because I wanted to return to Germany.
I thought that there I would be free, not hunted by the perpetrators, not prosecuted any more. But unfortunately the nightmare continued - everything went exactly so on, as it started in Montpellier, only that it became worser.

It began the torture by cold and smells, the physical torture to the eyes, the heartand respiratory organs.

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