Torture by TV - The reptile tongue - Videos

With the psychotronic warefare technology of the U.S. also "paranormal phenomena" can be realized, which is beyond all imagination.

Since March 2012 the torture takes even place on TV. 
Psychic attacks in each live broadcast, but also in television reports and television dramas, people are licking and striking their lips excessively often or stretch the tongue quickly pointed out of the mouth, like a reptile.  
Then again the faces become full of glee or angry, then fixing me directly in my eyes - hundreds of times in the evening on each channel.
Only in  movies appeared so far, the fixing glance directly in my eyes.

These are the same behaviors that I have to see every day a hundred times of my fellow man since 2006 - more to  see  "war through human robots".

As I upload these videos, I get this following induced into my brain: 

 "You know too much, soon you must die."

 See at minutes 0.01, 1.40, 1.42 and 1.53 

See at  minutes 0.06, 0.14, 0.20, 0.45, 0.49, 1.01 1.16, 1.28, 1.37, 1.41, 1.51  

 See at seconds 0.3 and 11  

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