About me

Britta Leia Jaccard - born the 6. 6. 69 at 10:20 am in Basel, Switzerland.

I grew up in swiss, german and corsican culture.

My mother comes from Germany and my father is half swiss and half corsican.

I've always lived alone, never married and have no children.
At 15, I already knew that I never wanted to get married and have no children. 
With thirty years, the urge to search for my roots, became stronger and stronger. I changed my name Britta, with which I could never identify me, and called me from now on Leia - a very old Corsican name. 
2002, 33 years, I finally took the decision and went half a year later to France, from where I moved a short time later to Corsica. 
This decision was a turning point in my life - a jam broke up - I got more joy in life. 
In Cologne, where I lived for six years before I went to France, I moved in Cologne's dance scene, where I practiced contemporary dance, contact improvisation and Argentine tango.   
I love this earth, the loneliness and the silence.

I love Samuel Hahnemann - his brilliant invention, the homoeopathy.

At the age of 16, I became a vegetarian after I have seen the murder of reindeer on TV, it was after the disaster of Tchernobyl. 
My soul is vegan - only in the last few years I have understood what my soul already knew. I eat cheese, I support that animals are exploited and tortured. The milk for their calves - we steal them and then murder their children to eat them. 
Eggs are unborn chickens, dead embryos. This is perverted and sick.

At the age of 30 years I get in contact with the teachings of the Buddha - immediately I felt at home.
I remembered that I have already had a lot of lives and that I have been familiar in several lives with the apprenticeships of the Buddha very much.
I do not remember my former lives specifically, only to some time epochs
but the countries in which I have lived are very clear to me - there are Italy, Greatbritain, France, South America (Peru), Nepal, India and Germany.

I believe in a highest soul (which most call God) and do not doubt that our soul goes over and over again to a new body.

I don't fear death - my soul will leave this body and move in the wide, infinite universe and have to go back sometime again on the earth.

How, otherwise, it could be that people are very different in their development. The steps in ignorance, in illness of the mind and the heart are very numerous - we are not all the same from birth and our childhood plays only one small role. We bring the biggest arrangements in this life, because they are the storage of our soul.
The knowledge of the soul deals nothing with intellectual, acquired knowledge. It is the essence of all experiences from the past lives - a deep intuitive and innate knowledge.

The person is from nature well - children are all pure and innocent -  of course this is not right - these are perceptions which originate from ignorance of the mind.  

I think, we have come at the end of an age, the Iron Age age.
There will begin a new age - it becomes the "golden age" be the paradise on earth - so, once as it has been once. The cycles recur, as long as the earth will exist. 

There will only live healthy people, people, who can love, who know what is love because they carry them in themselves.

They will respect her cocreatures and won' t kill animals to eat and also do not torment for attempts or exploit for their purposes.

Most people search their whole life long only for propelling satisfaction - they love merely the feeling which they have if his/her desires are satisfied. Then it is coupled to the person who satisfies his/her needs - then they "love" him/her. If he/she does not satisfy them any more, they search for another partner.

Unfortunately, most people cannot love.

Who can love, has recognised the value of the life and respects the life of every living being - the planters, animals and people - he will love this planet and be full humility for him.

As long as people carry no peace in themselves, there will be no peace on this earth.

Thanks to SN Goenka, Thich Nhat Hanh, Brahma Kumaris, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. 

I am writing on my autobiography (in german language) which is a retrospective on my life as a victim of Trauma Based Mind Control, please klick here and use a "translator - program.
Thank you!


  1. Hello,

    I'm David Lopez / Brulé Parlesilluminés, maybe the main Targeted Individual in France.

    I'm in very bad health too, in invalidity since 2011 at twenty eight years old.

    I would like to wish you the best, to keep hope, to stay strong, to never give up, but I know it's very very hard.

    For targets like us, this life is an agony, our planet is a prison, this world is hell.

    Best wishes

    David (david.var83@gmail.com)

    P.S. : I have to inform you about the fact that it's impossible to subscribe to the notifications of this page : "An error occurred while the server was being contacted."

    1. Bonjour David Lopez!

      Merci pour ce commentaire.

      Je ne trouve plus de mots.

      Je lutterai jusque a mon dernier souffle pour que ces crimes sataniques auront une fin et ces armes seront detruites entierement. Pour des telles crimes on en trouve pas de mots lorsque on est un homo sapiens intacte.

      Je vous souhaite de tout mon coeur que vous ne soyez pas seul et que vous retrouverez de la santé pour lutter contre ce combat sadique et pervers.

      Leia Jaccard

  2. Ah ben oui, vous avez vécu en Corse aussi c'est vrai... :)

    Merci pour votre rapide réponse.