18 Jun 2012

Psychotronic Stalking - Videos

                       Updated in June 2014

 Preface -  Introduction

 Contacts to my "fellow man"

3 Psychological terror and attacks by "human robots"

4 What can I do to make the robots do not attack 

5 Videos from Zombi attacks and stalkers

                                                    1  Preface -  Introduction

With the mind-control technologies of the American Government,  which I have fallen victim to since my early childhood, any being that has a brain, can be manipulated via satellite, to a robot - to a man without consciousness - only his body is there.

The Mind Control technology was developed by the U.S. Secret Service in great assistance of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele who could escape with their help to The United States in 1945. He had developed Mind Control technology and was already experimenting on children in the concentration camp in Auschwitz during The Holocaust.

It is based on technologies with which the target person gets manipulated his/her consciousness leading to total elimination - state of full hypnosis. You may walk, stand, sit and speak without being conscious  -  everything they Want You to do, you will do. 
The targeted person has no chance to fight back against it and will not know what he/she said, nor what she has done - it becomes a mindless "Zombi".

The characteristic feature of the state of "full-" hypnosis are deep, empty and wide eyes - the entire body has a different aura.

Unfortunately a huge percentage of the victim's doesn't understand the technology -  even not after 2 decades - therefor they were writing an unbelievable nonsense about this topic and call it "Gangstalking". 
They haven't understood, even the internet is full of reports about Satellite Brainweapons, that these people who are stalking and bulliyng us every day, are nothing else than brainmanipulated Human beings who are brought in partly and fully hypnosis and transformed into Human Robots or Biorobots. 

My fellow men are captured by the technology, if they live in my area and are in my environment and the direct field and if they are my direct interlocutor. They are abused by the perpetrators as tools to psychologically destroy me, to separate myself from the Society to drift into total isolation.

What I am describing takes place since  June 2006  every day a hundred times - in  every town, in every country, on every continent.

                                     2 Contacts to my fellow human beings

I cannot communicate with anyone who is in his true nature - everyone is, for the moment, as I speak with him, brain-manipulated through their remote control technology - whether by phone, by e-mail, letter or face to face - he speaks and acts completely determined by others,  without being able to notice it.  

The talks are being conducted with each man exactly the same pattern - 95% of the conversation consists of the reproduction of my own thoughts and of intellectual bullshit - invented computer-controlled stories.

I myself am taken since about January 2013 in these states, therefore I only understood how this technology works. There are in  my case, self-injury in hypnosis. I have to cut into the fingertip with the knife. I sit there and suddenly notice that my finger hurts. It is as if I wake up from an anesthesia. 

There is no coming on to brain-manipulated people.

I do not have understood what Satan is - now I know.

                          3  psychological terror and attacks by humanoid robot

I am the target of aggression and violence, and do not have the ability to be adequately restrained, because with the attacker I can not deal - he's a brainless creature that is not able of thinking and speaking itself.  

The humanoid robot is controlled more aggressive and hostile when I resist. Then I'm the one who is accused of assaulting or I will hurt verbally, or even physically attacked or he calls the police and claims that I  attacked him.
The answers always run on the same pattern, with which the computer has been programmed by the perpetrators.  

Each "non-brainmanipulated" person would immediately see and recognize what I see, but that should not be so. You need to  control people around them so that they can not see any sign of it, so that nothing penetrates to the public, so that I can be destroyed without any witness.

Attacks by Human Robots:

  • They need to lie to me, give me false information.
  • People who glare and stare at me pointedly.
  • They cut in front of me, and at times force me to stop or move out-of-the-way.
  • I ride my bike, someone runs from the sidewalk straight at me staring at me - I have to slow down not to create an accident.
  • I ride my bike and suddenly someone opens the car door abruptly from the parked car when I'm about to go over.
  • They are having mocking glances at me.
  • People are looking with contemptuous glance on my shoes.
  • I ride my bike, someone opens his car door at the very moment when I drive by.
  • At the supermarket, standing in front of shelf, someone comes and picks out a product directly in front of my face.
  • If I let myself be distracted by them, they are controlled to be very friendly – when I turn back to myself they become agressive and come to offend me. They even  follow me through the whole supermarket.
  • They close a supermarket checkout, if I want to hire me and see just grinning faces - the whole snake and cashier.
  • They sneak behind me in the supermarket. 
  • They take me to the shopping cart in the hacking or push him me in line in my buttocks. 
  • People come from any gear in a flash with their shopping cart and are ramming me almost, if I did not back out, while they do not apologize, do as if nothing had happened. 
  • They cough, clear their throat, sing, whistle with pathologically glee.
  • They are licking provocatively their lips and look at me in the eye while fixing. 
  • People are looking at their cell phone with glee, sometimes extremely fast, when I'm back in my own frequency, from which it is to distract me. 
  • They drag on their cigarette with lascivious expression and thereby fix my eyes. 
  • They take their water bottle or glass to drink and when they put it to the mouth they look with glee into my eyes. 
  • They need to sweep with a broom, no matter whether it rains or snows, Autumn, Summer Winter 
  • They need to pick up the phone quickly in hand, when I get in somewhere and pretend as if they were calling, having grinning faces
  • The blinds no matter what time of day or night must be rolling quickly down
  • Women with prams, men with bald or with tattoos, with gray hair etc. must always be where I intend to go  (supermarket, post ...), while they look at me in anticipation, as if they would have expected me. I do not react, they look quite disappointed. 
  • One day I encounter conspicously often people with red clothes, the next day, it is yellow blue green , black or checkered clothing. 
  • 2009, there was excessive - they actually have people in Kehl and environment (I lived in Strasbourg and Kehl, the first German city across the border, where I have stopped me almost every day) irradiated in pairs to pull the same upper part of : man and woman, mother and daughter, girlfriend and girlfriend, friend and friend. There is no joke - with the technology that is sadly no problem to manipulate people in the mass, to induce them information or commands to the brain.  
  • Mobbing on the road:   green cars meet me consecutively propelled or red3  metallic- colored etc. 

Here is another victim of American origin, which describes the same: 

"They try to destroy your life through Their lies and Their bizarre behavior-like  mobbing you on the highways with hordes of the same color cars . We (son and I) lost our home Which was willed to us, were  stalked cross country like animals , were attempted poisoned and killed. Were So attempted run off the road Numerous  times, were shot at by a trooper in Thurmont Maryland, and I ended up in  a homeless shelter with no contact with my grown children until  recently ". -  


                          4  What I can do, so that the robot does not attack

The attack has partly to do just so that we are put into a state in which our ability of selfdefence iss reduced and someday completely taken away, which is my state now. In theh beginning we cannot fight against it, because we do not know how, and at first not notice a long time that this is done with our tone. Even this runs, like everything, slinky, imperceptible to the victim.

The more helpless the victim, the hotter is the psychopath, he gets only then in a real attack noise.

For a while it helped very well when I inwardly said "tatatatata" (very fast). Immediately increased my tension and the "insane", or the remote people immediately disappeared from my area, as they were afraid of me. IT WORKED  EVERY TIME!

For several months, my muscle tone was increasingly set down and it therefore no longer worked.

Also, it helps if I create tension on my hyoid bone, so if I press my tongue to the upper left, then increases the tone of the neck muscles.

Then it helped me when I inwardly spoke suggestions in a soothing "voice" as: "Very quiet, very quiet, (the" quiet "I have to pull as long as possible) let not provoke you, that's just what they want." Or "Oh no, noone wants to attack me" or "No one here has anything to do with this crime." Then I immediately felt my legs again and the people out there were getting serious faces and had no longer to attack. As soon as I stopped, it tipped over and they attacked again, because if I do not produce thoughts, I'm back in the desired of the psychopaths state in which I have no defense: "No more ability of self defense."  

For some days my tone is reduced throughout the body more deeply, and just - been increased more - if required. Arm, leg and chest muscles and parts of the latissimus dorsi (large back muscle that attaches at the shoulders) are so strong tensed that I cannot be me anymore, have not the slightest chance to relax and  to resist against the attacks and the induction of negative emotions, such as anger, fear, panic.
Although my brain and my spine are even more exposed, so that I can see worse and am greatly stunned.
Now they attack yet again more massively, because I have no defenses. 
2011, it induced me several times by the perpetrators in English: "Leia, we have taken away your ability of self defense". At that time, my defenses were not so drastically reduced by far, as it is today - today I really have no more and I think it can't be reduced more. I just get induced: "Oh yes, it will be more reduced - you'll see, whore."

5  Videos from Zombi attacks and stalkers


These attacks I have  to endure several times every day, since 2006, in every store 
Here the Zombi slides between shelf and my Shopping Cart - usually they grab a product right in front of my face, come here very close to me, touching me even and their face sometimes has a distance of not more than 15 cm.
This is highly provocative and exactly as intended by the perpetrators. They do not respond to me, even if I speak to them. No one responds as it would not happen. This is most severe psychological torture that only a highly disturbed personality can dream up.

Every day, for 8 years, I am tortured in this manner, and deprived of my right to life.

It seems that you can not fast forward the video.  

The scene starts but only  from minute  5:26  - before nothing important is to see.

5.2 and 5.3

When I sat down to get something to eat, all the banks were free . It took less than 2 minutes, there was a man "sent" , brainmanipulated, to sit beside me, so I shall be stalked and harassed. The face is expressionless, the man is in full hypnosis and remains sitting there for as long as he shall sit there. I see this since June 2006 anywhere on this earth, in every country so that happens every day, all day, from morning to night. What is SATAN?



After the seller had been very rude to me when I had asked for information, she had to follow me a few minutes later in another gear and ask me provocatively if I was satisfied for now. She came quite close to me, the usual distance is exceeded by less than 30cm

When I was filming with my phone, her facial expression changed of naughty provocative to fearful within a fraction of a second, then she went away.

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